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Empowerment Enterprise 2 (EE2) seeks to empower individuals and change communities. We create sustainable change by providing community enrichment through programing that is focused on youth development, HIV/AIDS prevention, Life Skill development and community development. EE2 was founded in 2008 and is located at 1610 T St. SE, Washington, DC 20020. EE2 is a 501c3 tax exempt organization that sets out to impact communities through equipping youth with viable skills through life skill coaching and music enrichment programs.

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Youth Empowerment

EE2’s Youth Empowerment programs promote and support healthy, caring and responsible behaviors. Through our program, approximately 250 youth participants ages 14 - 16 become aware of alternatives to engaging in negative/risky behaviors and are provided tools to equip themselves for successful and healthy living. The goal of our programs is to help participants identify their power and abilities that have gone untapped, while at the same time providing or reinforcing key life skills. These goals are accomplished through the following areas:

Community Empowerment

EE2’s Community Empowerment programs engages traditionally disenfranchised communities specifically Ward 8 and the LGBTQ communities. These communities although distinctly different, suffer from the same traumas induced by oppression, ostracizing, and stigmatization. EE2 believes that by providing support, we can effect change in these communities that will lead to healthier life style choices by its citizens.

Health Empowerment Initiatives

EE2’s Health Empowerment Initiatives aim to reduce barriers that thwart access to HIV prevention tools. This goal is accomplished through HIV/AIDS and STI education, HIV/AIDS and STI literature, periodic onsite testing, and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) education and consultation. Our HIV/AIDS Initiatives reach approximately 750 people throughout the year.

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