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Dr. Aaron Wade founded EE2 in 2008.  He has always been a believer in the limitless potential of young people who are provided proper structure and opportunities to achieve success early in life.  He is also a staunch supporter of community-based, self-determinative ventures.  From his vision, EE2 was designed to provide life skills, coaching, facilitation, and motivational speaking to young adults and community organizations.  We employ staff with experience in coaching, college success and workforce readiness, which allows for an effective, measurable program.  Initially, it was strictly life skills, but through youth input, has grown to encompass college preparedness, team building, and musicology-based programming.  In 2013, we moved from Ward 5 to Ward 8, with 53% of our participants being Ward 7 and 8 residents.  Relocating to Ward 8, PSA 701 has assisted our returning youth with bringing their friends to the program.  This move secured a long-term program space for EE2 that allowed us to be a safe haven in the community.  Since 2013, we have served 750 young folks in our summer program and over 500 community members through our feeding program. 

Since locating in our current site, we have become well-known throughout the DC community.  We have served our community through a host of various programs: community feeding, financial empowerment, safe summer kick off, community health fair, HIV and STI prevention, and senior engagement.  Additionally, we have presented town hall meetings with city officials against violence and we have led the way against gun violence in the ward 8 community with rallies, forums, and prayer vigils all at our current site. 

Rev. Dr. Aaron B. Wade

Founder and Board Chairman

Reverend Dr. Aaron B. Wade, a Chicago native, realized early on that his relationship with God was essential to fulfilling his destiny. As a child, he admired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspired him to focus on social justice and theology in his own life. Rev. Wade earned his Bachelor’s Degree at DePaul University, majoring in Public Policy and Psychology, and his Master of Divinity at the Howard University School of Divinity, graduating summa cum laude and winning the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Sr., Memorial Scholarship in addition to the Brown Scholarship from the United Church of Christ. In his continual pursuit of excellence, he completed his Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching at Chicago Theological Seminary.

As Founder and Senior Pastor of the Community Church of Washington, DC. United Church of Christ, Rev. Dr. Wade focuses on his core values: love, community, and compassion for all of God’s children. He is widely renowned for his stirring sermons and for his equally steadfast dedication to both scholarship and service, seeing his own development as an integral part to his community outreach activities.  Rev. Dr. Wade has spoken and preached in churches and at universities all around the country. His message of love, hope, and community shines through in everything that he does through his companies, Empowerment Enterprise Group and Empowerment Enterprise 2, Inc.  As a strategic partner with Hyatt Hotel’s Global Diversity Team, Wade led a social justice conversation with civil rights leader Xernona Clayton that highlighted her advocacy work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Dr. Julius Green I

Executive Director

Dr. Julius Green I, a native of Detroit, MI, had a love of learning and science at an early age.  A survivor of childhood cancer, Dr. Green was fascinated by science and medicine and the good it can do for people.  Encouraged by his Nurse/Teacher mother and Preacher father, Dr. Green explored the world around him through books, encyclopedias, and science experiments.  After High School, Dr. Green traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend Morehouse College where he studied Chemistry.  Dr. Green was also a part of the world renowned Morehouse College Glee Club, traveled the nation and world with the group, and served as section leader for two years.  After obtaining a B.S. in Chemistry from Morehouse College in 2003, Dr. Green joined corporate America serving in roles such as quality control chemist and research and development chemist.

Dr. Green obtained a M.S. in Chemistry from Georgia State University in 2008 while still working in corporate America.  During this time, Dr. Green began to do volunteer outreach work for the Atlanta Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS).  Seeing the need for more engagement with minority students and minority professionals, Dr. Green helped to restart the local ACS Minority Affairs Committee.  The group focused on outreach to minority students in the Atlanta area by doing fun demonstrations and exposing youth to STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) careers.  The Minority Affairs Committee became nationally recognized by the ACS and won several national awards.   In 2014, Dr. Green obtained a Ph.D. in Medicinal Organic Chemistry from Georgia State University.  In 2015 Dr. Green moved to Washington, DC to continue work in advocacy for disadvantaged groups.

List of Board of Directors

Anacostia Coordinating Council

Fair Chance

Hyatt Hotels

Impulse DC


Metropolitan AME Church

The Community Church of Washington DC – UCC


Barilla Pasta

Community Education Group


DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

DC Department of Employment Services

DC Department of Health


Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative

Heritage Pride/NYC Pride

United Church in Christ


Masto Foundation


TD Bank

United Church in Christ

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Financial Statement
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