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Life Skill Coaching - Participants build skills in workforce readiness training, basic life survival skills and college preparedness. Through our coaching, participants walk away with personal portfolios that include: resumes, cover letter, letters of recommendation and college essay statements. Participants complete the program with understanding of their current strengths and areas for improvement, promising practices for college acceptance, best practices for finding and keeping a job and key interviewing skills.

Music Enrichment Program - Participants enroll in one of three musicology offerings: drumline band, band dance, hip-hop dance, and modern dance. Realizing new found abilities many participants walk away with a stronger sense of confidence, appreciation for team work and having learned more creative ways to express themselves and channel their energy. Our music program has led to the development of a full-scale drum line with band dancers.

Reducing the poverty rate - This is done by assisting participants in creating a post-secondary plan with the goal of post-secondary education being the top priority to fight against poverty.

Providing alternatives to negative influences - This is done by raising awareness and providing guidance through life skills coaching; providing participants with music enrichment opportunities and knowledge- based resources to combat negative influences that threaten their future.

Reducing unemployment - This is done by providing participants with a paid professional internship and job readiness training (Summer Youth Employment Program only).

Community Empowerment Program Schedule

Quarterly Community Meetings [Fairlawn neighborhood of Washington, DC Ward 8] (Hiatus) Safe Summer Block Party and Health Fair (June 23)
Summer Free Lunch Program (June 25 – August 3)

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