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Quarterly Community Meetings - Approximately 40 residents of Ward 8's Fairlawn community meet with local leaders, law enforcement, politicians, policy makers, and stakeholders to express community concerns and maintain a voice in the local political system

Safe Summer Block Party and Health Fair Kick Off - This event is usually daylong event that used to celebrate the kick-off of the summer in the Ward 8 Community and our Summer Youth Employment Program. This event brings together local community talent, health professionals, residents and vendors to create a community health fair carnival. This event is attended by 500 community members, is free to the community, and offers safe fun in the sun for all ages.

Summer Free Lunch Program - A part of our six-week Summer Youth Employment Program, we provide free meals Monday through Friday to participants in our program as well as to community members. Meals are provided to over 150 individuals, mostly children and youth in Ward 8.

Connecting Rainbows – EE2 partners with DC Children and Family Services Agency and local area Inclusive churches to bring awareness to provide adoption opportunities for LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth in foster care are less likely to be adopted by a loving, caring family. By partnering with Inclusive churches, EE2 is bringing members of the LGBTQ community to consider adopting a LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth adopted by an LGBTQ family are more likely to have a supportive, nurturing environment that is affirming, stopping the cycles of shame, low self-worth, and negative risky behavior choices. EE2 aims to connect 10 LGBTQ youth in foster care in adoption by LGBTQ families

Feeding Programs - Throughout the year we offer nutritional educational sessions and distribute food baskets to members of the local community. Key distributions happen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons where we provide baskets to at least 125 community members in Ward 8.

World AIDS Day Program - On December 1st of each year, the National Institute of Health brings awareness to HIV/AIDS and remembers those who lost their lives to the epidemic. In partnership with several faith base and Community based organizations, we produce one of DC’s renown World AIDS Day breakfasts for approximately 50 people. The Breakfast is filled with prayers, food and HIV testing. Several testimonies are shared and keynote speakers are brought from various DC government agencies and organizations.

Youth Empowerment Program Schedule

Summer Youth Employment Program (June 26 – August 4) Year-Round Bridge Program (September – April)

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