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Condom and Prevention Literature Distribution - Throughout the year safer sex kits are created and distributed at each of our events and to several organizations in the community. Over 3000 are distributed yearly to promote safe sex.

Onsite Testing - Partnering with several community based organizations we offer discrete monthly testing to the public and to participants in each of other programs. Testing is free and usual offered with incentives of a meal or gift card.

PrEP Consultation - Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is an additional tool in the fight against HIV infection. PrEP is single pill taken daily to reduce the risk of HIV transmission during unprotected sex. EE2 leverages its access to two communities it serves, impoverished heterosexual single mothers and the LGBTQ community, to connect participants to PrEP services. EE2 has established partnerships with several local health organizations who can provide PrEP prescriptions and care to eligible individuals.

BrunchDate – BrunchDate follows the ManDate behavioral shift program model with monthly Sunday meetings for gay and transmen to discuss issues uniquely pertaining to African American same gender loving males.

HIV/AIDS Outreach Program Schedule

Condom Distribution (January – December) Onsite Testing (2nd quarter - December) PrEP Consultation (2nd quarter - December) BrunchDate (September – December)

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